Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lines Drawn - Demo 2015

It's one thing to review good music, it's another to review my friends good music.

As soon as I seen the name Lines Drawn, it brought an excitement on that I had to sit on for a few months. When I was shown the rough demos, I couldn't wait. Now here we are, and I couldn't be more excited to express my emotions for this band with the world.

Lines Drawn hail from Rhode Island and rightfully bring to mind bands like Blue Monday and Allegiance. The earlier 00's sound comes out hard and heavy with these six tracks in such a great way. Bringing the sound is one thing, but the feel is another. When you go through these nine plus minutes, you will definitely feel like you went 12 years into the past.

If you dig anything early 00's Hardcore and a bunch of rad dudes playing rad music, then the Lines Drawn Demo is right for you.

Lines Drawn Demo 2015

Break Through Demos 2015

HEY! It's been far too long since I posted here, and I know not many people care all too much but I do this out of love and compassion for this music, so until that flames burn out I'll be here posting whenever.

So with that being said, I'll selfishly  promote myself and my the one i'm doing with some good friends of mine in a band called Break Through.

Coming straight out of Arizona, all we intend to do is play Hardcore in the vain of our favorite bands and doing so with heart and passion.

With all songs being written by us within a few months, and recorded inside my bedroom, they might not of turned out great but they came out with heart.

Being told our sound rages from anywhere between old Token Entry, Sick Of It All and No For and Answer, I can honestly say I'm way excited to see where my friends and I can take this band.

Be on the look out for new material later this year and feel free to message us about shirts and demo tapes!

Break Through Bandcamp

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Revision - Demo 2015

Revision are a new band coming straight out of Southern California, with a sound that is nothing but pure Hardcore. Kind of takes me back to those early/mid 2000's.

When I heard a snippet of audio a few months back on Instagram and I was hooked. Seriously one of the best demos of 2014, and I'm stoked on hearing what else comes out from these dudes.

Revision - Demo 2015

Red Son - Set Everything In Motion

This is hands down one of my favorite releases ever done by any band in any genre. Maybe it has more pull on me for personal reasons, but the fact remains that this album and band had something that I didn't see in most bands of the time. It is a bit sad that the band is now defunct, and not very many people outside of AZ know of it's existence, but I guess it's never too late to discover a rare gem.

This was the first, and only Full Length from Arizona's own Red Son (ex members of Where Eagles Dare, Run With The Hunted, Oubskurity, etc.).  In total, I think they had: a demo, 7", This LP and Two EP's following this release.

I can't even count how many times I saw Red Son, and at times I even forget the venues at which they played, but I know it was always a good time when they played. Whether or not I was sick or tired, i tried to make it out to a show. Now that I look back at all those times I rushed to catch their set and their set only, I'm happy I did so. I truely miss this band.

Red Son - Set Everything In Motion

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blindside USA - Demo Tape 2014

I love it when I have friends making some of my favorite music to listen to. Over the last few years. I've been lucky to have so many friends release amazing records, and this year has been nothing but the same.

Especially with this Blindside USA Demo. With the first listen, I already knew I found my favorite demo of 2014.  I can't tell you how many times I've listen to this Demo. both on MP3 and Cassette. All throughout writing this, I've had it playing and many times I've stop typing because I'm air drumming. Seriously, such a banger from begging to end. 

Let's Fucking Do It, and show so love by downloading the Demo and buying a shirt and tape. 
Kansas City Hardcore In Effect.

108 - Threefold Misery

I've been slacking hard on posting anything, but hopefully this next year keeps me in the busy state of mind to where this becomes a thing that I have to do, not just do whenever. But till then, I will do by best. Starting off with the best fucking 108 album to ever exist.

Not sure as to why I had uploaded this, my guess is for a friend, but whatever it was i'm sure sharing it with all of you is just as good as my original intent.

So for all your headbanging needs, I present you with 108's Threefold Misery.

108 - Threefold Misery

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Crime In Stereo - 2004 Demos

For some of us, Crime In Stereo will always be that Hardcore band that put out one hell of split with Kill Your Idols, but as it has come, they are more widely known as that Alternative Punk band from Bridge Nine Records. I'm not complaining in the least bit, I actually enjoy all of CIS, but as much as I love Is Dead, I will always love early CIS.

And since they have come back into existence, even stating that they will release new music as well, I figured why not give a little taste of where the band came from. I could of posted the OG Three Song Demo, but I see that posted everywhere, so I figured why not give yous guys something a little less known.

I came across this demo a very long time ago, so long, I don't really remember what I got it, but here you go. Nothing really new here, these were the demos for the Explosives LP, and all made it except for Of Return, which ended up on Love 7" released in 2007.

Not much change from these songs to the LP versions. but you can defiantly hear the pre production sound in these. I just wanted to post this as an appreciation to a band that over the years, have continued to write and preform amazing music. I can not wait for more shows and new music.